Importance of good product photo in E-Commerce
September 02,2021

Importance of good product photo in E-Commerce

Product photos are also known as Off Model Shots. A good photo of your product is a very important aspect of your e-commerce business. 
Product photos are meant to show your product in its best light from all relevant angles.

It has to be spot on with no clutter around it and it should look prominent so that shoppers will get attracted towards it instantly. 

Parameters of good product photo


The product should resemble visually with the actual product on your E-Commerce platform. It looks more appealing on white background with covering at least 80% of the frame. But recently some Brands have been adding color background and creativity to Off Model Shots.

Some Brands also use 360 degrees for Off Model Shots. It shows all angles of the product to shoppers to convince them more while buying the product. This makes the return graph down.
Also remove dust, fishing line, any prop which is holding the product and remove studio reflection from the product.


All color variations should be visible to shopper


If your product has color variations then you should show each color variation of the product. Do not just place a text line that this product is also available in Blue, Yellow and Green. So that a buyer can visually see how the product will look in a certain color. The buyer does not have to imagine or visualise the same, so the chance of return will be negligible.



Good Off model shots are more likely to increase the conversion rate.

This will also keep the shopper engaged with the product.

                                                                                                                                    Photo created by freepik



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